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Tasty & Handy How-to Guides on Project Management

We’ve published several major how-to guides on project management over the past three months. We want to keep you in the loop, so we’ve decided to post about it here on our blog!

Our PMP friend Olga made a few super cool how-to guides on project management. These articles are super helpful if you want to:

  • become a successful PM
  • learn how to deal with a scope creep
  • know all the steps involved in project management.

Olga is an experienced project and product manager, so she knows what she’s doing. ;)

How to become a project manager

How to become a project manager

This guide is all about the ins and outs of project management. You will learn about what it takes to be a successful project manager, which skills you must have and whether or not a project manager’s role is for you at all. Moreover, you can also use this guide as a reference tool.

Learn how to deal with a scope creep

how to deal with a scope creep

All you ever wanted to know and were afraid to ask about scope creep. This article covers all the different types of scope creeps and ways of preventing or dealing with them. It outlines some general ideas that will allow you to tackle any problems that may arise as your project expands.

Ultimate guide to a project management process

project management process

We’re calling this an “ultimate guide.” You can use it for any project because they all follow the same general pattern. PM is all about brainstorming, planning, executing, monitoring, and wrapping up interesting projects! Fortunately, this article covers them all. :)

Our how-to guides section is growing, and there are more fascinating stories to come. You may also find useful articles on becoming famous on youtube or how to open a bar.

Stay tuned for new articles! :)